Marilena Zamboura – Pericles Goulakos: Small Retrospects
A couple both in life and in painting, Pericles Goulakos and Marilena Zamboura reveal through this exhibition what it is like for a couple to coexist in a day to day personal and artistic basis. How do they interact? Is it possible to attain one’s artistic autonomy? What is the impact of their family relationship on their artistic profile? This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to set side by side the works of two very significant Greek artists while at the same time it provides us with an interesting insight into the common life of an artistic couple. Marilena Zamboura: (…) Since the 1980s, when Marilena Zamboura began her career as an artist, she has been telling stories from her personal mythology, seeking to determine her identity and artistic persona. With her own personal, private, lived experience at the core of her work, Zamboura started by painting her obsessions, walking the tightrope between reality, fantasy and illusion, between today and yesterday, on a two-way path through time conveyed by memory and its myth-making function. (….). Aphrodite Kouria Art Historian Independent Exhibition Curator Pericles Goulakos: (....)If we wanted to talk in terms of History of Art about Pericles Goulakos’ works, we could refer to Cubism, to describe his work as a kind of post cubist expression, we could recall Pop Art with its usual everyday objects, or we could maintain a conceptual approach, which we must think through, in order to interpret it. Yet, perhaps this kind of analysis does not mean all that much. The artist himself has said that Byzantine art, Francis Bacon’s Expressionism, but also Giorgos Bouzianis influenced his views in a way when he set out. (…) Melita Emmanuel Professor of History of Art National Technical University
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