Love is a dog from Hell
Charles Bukowski praised the female body throughout his writing and approached erotic relations through a prism of passion and madness. Inspired by his way of thinking, and using the borrowed title “Love is a dog from hell”, this exhibition aims to showcase the full spectrum of eroticism of women’s flesh. The female body as an object of desire, has always been a central subject in art and it has been depicted in all possible manners in every period of time. Today, Frissiras Museum presents 38 Greek and European artists from its collections, who have been dealing with the concept of female erotic nude, each of them in their own unique way. From realism to abstraction and from the most contemporary manifestations to the most personal narratives. Participating Artists Adam Christina, Antonopoulos Yiannis, Axente Teodora, Baharas Nikitas, Bouritsa Dimitra, Boviatsou Lambrini, Daoulas Konstantinos, De Heart Shahin, Fambris Georgia, Giannakaki Maria, Glowacka Viola, Guinazu Cristina Ruiz, Haack Simone, Kapezanou Stella, Kastori Kalli, Krontiri Afroditi, Ksiazek Bogumil, Leglise Frederic, Maratos Andreas, Michaelides Christos, Moraiti Eleni, Papadimitriou Nikos, Papavassiliou Christina, Pasieka Simon, Renaud Brann, Shi Xiang, Spyropoulos Giorgos, Stamatiadi Daniela, Szczekan Ewa, Teligioridou Ismini, Tsakni Despina, Tsolis Kostas, Ungureanu Mirela, Valsamaki Chrisa, Vaviloussakis Konstantinos, Veroucas Alexis, Wne?k Grzegorz, Ziogas Yiannis
NEW exhibition
From Thursday, 02 May, Frissiras museum new exhibition is open to the public. Entitled "Love is a Dog from Hell", it is a group exhibition with new, unseen works from the museum's collections. You can visit the exhibition during the museum's opening hours.
We are back The museum is open again, after the summer holidays( since 04 September) with the current exhibition "Love is A Dog from hell" with works from the museum's collections